Day 31 – Jungle beach and Galle

Wicked, wicked, Junglist massive

Jungle beach

We woke up early and managed to continue our kickboxing exercise routine with a quick run before breakfast. The hostel provided a really nice complimentary breakfast when we got back, the owners wife cooked us some fried eggs on toast with some Sri Lankan tea and various fruits to set us up for the day. We then walked to a place called jungle beach after breakkie and continued the adventures of flip flop boy and havianna girl as it turned in to a massive three hour round trip over rocks and bad terrain in unsuitable footwear. We eventually made it though and chilled out all morning on the amazing beach listening to some crazy Sri Lankans drumming and dancing away at 11 in the morning, on a Wednesday, in the jungle, as you do.

Japanese peace pagoda

On the way back from the beach we stumbled across the Japanese peace pagoda which was some kind of gift from the Japanese depicting the various stages of the life of Buddha; amazing temple in a stunning location so we took a while walking around it and taking it in.

Danielle reading about the life of Prince Sidhartha

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care

Stumbled across another Buddhist temple thing on the way back, this time we were shown around various Buddhist statues by a little monk man. It was all a bit strange and we were both scared we were being set up for some large donation or something as we are both cynical horrible people. In the end we stopped in a little room and the monk blessed us and gave us some magic string which he put round our wrists, no donation required. We stuck some money in the box on the way out in case our magic string burnt us for thinking badly of the monk.

Get out of my shot

This must be his 'moody monk' pose he puts on for the cameras as he was all smiley before this

Magic string

Didn't get to ask what this but I am going to assume there is a monk trapped in there who has said something naughty about Buddha

We dropped in to a tea shop on the way home and had some tea latte which was lovely and like a takeaway coffee but with tea so obviously better. Finished the afternoon off sat on our balcony watching the monkeys in the trees outside our room. Really happy with our hostel choice so far.

The long long walk back from jungle beach, we must have gone the wrong way as it took hours and included a long walk down a crazy main road with no pavement. Only included this as it's the only picture of a Sri Lankan tuktuk I've got

Cow we saw in someone's front garden on the long walk

Mmmmmm tasty smak

Fours up on the family scooter

We went in to the local town Galle for dinner to a restaurant called Lucky Fort. Galle is a little Fort town but duuuur we turned up just as the fort was closing for the evening. The restaurant is in a family's front room, the mother cooks and the son serves and there is no choice other than getting served up ten different curries between the two of you. Dunno what you do if you're a singleton but I reckon I'd give the full thing a bash to myself as every curry was delicious.

Ten curries

Mother and son


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